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Nate and I have been married for 2 and a half years now now which has gone by pretty fast! In January we were blessed to have Brynlee join our family. Nate works as a software engineer at Novell and I am so grateful for the hard worker he is and how he goes to work every day to support us. He is the best husband to me and the best dad to Brynlee and she can't get enough of him. I stay at home with Brynlee along with doing esthetics part time. And Brynlee just stays busy keeping us smiling everyday! We couldn't be a happier little family!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 Months

Brynlee is 5 months now... crazy! (I think that's how I start out all my post) :) She is still her cute happy self, just getting bigger each day! She still smiles ALL the time. When you look at her or she see's you will just get this big grin on her face and makes you feel like you are her favorite person. Here are things she does so I can remember them.

*She rolls from her stomach to back all the time. If you lay her on her stomach its not much later she is on her back. Although she sometimes gets one arm stuck under her back and she knows how to get it out but sometimes she wants you to do it for her so she starts to moan, I think its kind of funny!
*Sometimes rolls from back to stomach. I hate to admit it but I soon found out she could after I was a terrible mom and put her on the couch and she rolled right off. Luckily it just scared her, and she didn't get hurt!
*When she starts to cry she will blow raspberries and spit with her lips (putting them together). It is so funny when she's mad. She'll do it occasionally if she's just doing nothing to entertain herself
*she makes this puckering face and sucks in her lips and chews on her bottom lip (kind of looks like a fish)
*LOVES eating and playing with her toes. In the bath especially or whenever she is sitting or just laying there. It is like she is sucking her thumb although instead of her thumb its her big toe. Hopefully she breaks that habit when she starts walking :)
*When she gets excited for something, she lifts both her legs so they are straight, starts moving her arms up and down and makes her mouth a perfect O.
*Definitely notices when your eating and makes it known she doesn't want to be left out! My mom gave her a sucker and it was so cute seeing her holding the stick and sucking it. (I know, another terrible thing I shouldn't be doing yet although I only let it happen once!)
*After she eats when we lay her down to bed or to take a nap she will just stare at what she can find for a good 10-20 minutes then fall asleep.
*Still loves to look at books, and she loves her toys. Loves her play gym (will be entertained by that for a long time) Her rattle, and all her little toys she loves to look at and especially eat them. Is constantly putting whatever you give her or whatever she can grab in her mouth. She loves to discover new things!
*Is THE happiest baby. She is usually always smiling, talking (well, ah's oo's. sometimes 2 syllables.) She really only cries if she is hungry or tired or if you take her bottle away!
*June 19th we gave her her first bite of rice cereal and she loved it. We also fed her some green beans and she kept wanting more. I don't think she is a picky eater. She will eat anything we give her
*First 2 times we took her swimming she didn't love it I think because the water was to cold for her but the 3rd time it was a different pool and a little warmer and she Loved it! She loved having her daddy in there with her I guess cuz the 1st time was with me! (Well, in a public pool!)
*Lately, she has started panting like a dog when she is excited, happy or going to get mad
*Her smile and laugh are still my favorite. Her whole face lights up when she smiles (especially her eyes) and her laugh is a true little girls laugh.

I love her SO much and I love her personality. I hope she'll be as sweet as she is now when she is older.