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Nate and I have been married for 2 and a half years now now which has gone by pretty fast! In January we were blessed to have Brynlee join our family. Nate works as a software engineer at Novell and I am so grateful for the hard worker he is and how he goes to work every day to support us. He is the best husband to me and the best dad to Brynlee and she can't get enough of him. I stay at home with Brynlee along with doing esthetics part time. And Brynlee just stays busy keeping us smiling everyday! We couldn't be a happier little family!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

2 months old!

Today Brynlee had her 2 month check up! The good news is that doctor said she is growing just how he wants her to and that she is very healthy! She weighs 10 pounds 4 ounces (30th percentile) and she is 24 inches long (97th percentile) The bad news is she had to get Vaccines. I was surprised with how tough she was though. It was sad, she was making noises at the nurse (trying to talk to her) then she got this big smile on her face and as soon as she smiled the nurse stabbed her with the needles! I was afraid she wouldn't dare smile again after that! She cried then when she was done giving them to her I picked her up and she settled down. I went up to my moms after and she fell asleep in the car. But through out the day she was so pleasant, smiling, and cooing and making her noises. Later she got a little fussy but overall she was such a tough girl. I can't believe that she is 2 months already though! Boy how time flies!! Here are a few pictures of her and just a couple of her faces she likes to make.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Brynlees Baby Blessing

On Sunday, March 7th Brynlee was blessed. Nate gave such an amazing blessing and we had our wonderful family there. We then had a little get together at our house afterwords which was fun. We had crepes and they turned out great thanks to my mom and sister. And the clean up was easy thanks to his mom and sister and everyone else who helped :) My sister and brother in law were able to fly up from Arizona which I was so happy about. This trip was their first time meeting Brynlee and it was so great being able to see them. I am so excited for them to have their baby! I wish they lived closer but luckily they aren't to far! My brother had just barely gotten back from his mission the week before, and my awesome supportive extended family all came. Another thing we were lucky about was Nate's parents and his sister and brother in law and their son flew up clear from Georgia for it. His sister and her family stayed with us and it was so great having them here and seeing all of his family! We just sort of hung out and were able to do a few things. I felt bad, his whole family all got sick so it wasn't a fun trip for them but WE had fun with them here. We wish we lived closer to his family and could see them more often. They are such awesome people and I am glad that they are my in-laws. Brynlee- you have such a wonderful family that all love you and can't get enough of you!!

A long Update....

I haven't posted for a while so this is going to be A LONG one because I have to catch up on the past 7 weeks! I can't believe that Brynlee is already 7 weeks today. Its been the hardest but the best 7 weeks of my life! Its so crazy that one little tiny person can bring such a sweet and strong spirit into your home and change your whole life. I don't know how we deserved her but she is the sweetest girl and such a blessing, I am so grateful for her and for the love I have for her. People say your life drastically changes and to enjoy every minute of having it be just the two of you, being able to sleep whenever, run errands and go places without getting kids in and out of the car, watching a movie peacefully. I never realized how much I loved green lights and never realized how long a red light really last for (believe me when you have a baby... if you stop that car they know and they do not like it!) Which now I know I definitely took all those things for granted. The first 6 weeks of her life (minus probably 5 days) she did not like sleeping at night. At first we just thought she has her days and nights mixed up and it will get better. We were wrong though. Starting at like 10 pm till 5 or 6 in the morning (sometimes she'd be done by 3) She would fall asleep anywhere from 5 minutes - 30 minutes, then wake up screaming and crying. We would bounce her, rock her, take her for drives, we tried Mylicon Drops, Gripe Water, changed her formula 3 times and nothing worked. This was so hard on both Nate and I, and I honestly was about to have a mental break down. It was hard cuz of the lack of sleep, but the hardest part was there was nothing I could do to help her screaming and crying. It made me so sad for her because I knew she was in pain and anything I tried didn't help. Luckily I have the best parents in the world and they let us stay with them for nights and would stay up with us and give us their tips. Even a couple nights they just let us sleep and they watched her which saved me because I honestly couldn't take it anymore. The doctor said it was colic and it will go away usually by 3 months. But we finally got her a prescription called Prevacid which breaks down the acid in her stomach and that seemed to make all the difference. I can now say for the past week we hit a milestone and she now sleeps through the night and the past few nights we haven't even given her the medicine! Now, I know that sounds like a griping and a complaint session but I also feel that because of it, it really made me grow up, learn patience, and realize my life is amazing in a different way. I have never felt so attached and so much love for someone and I would do ANYTHING for this little girl. She truly is a blessing and I am so grateful the Savior sent her to be apart of our family. The three of us couldn't be happier! (hopefully she feels that same way :)

Now to catch up on some of the things she is doing so we can remember....
*The past couple weeks she can now follow objects or people
*Instead of randomly smiling she can focus on you, and she smiles back at you and tries talking (really its just noises but its so fun to talk to her and get her reactions)
*If you give her the pacifier and she doesn't want it, she makes this grossed out face like, "Are you seriously giving this to me" and spits it out
*She LOVES her baths, if she is crying and not happy but then we put her in the bath she stops right away, relaxes her whole body and lays her arms out in the water and just stares or smiles and coos.
*She HATES when we wash her hair though, we save that for last :)
*She makes the funniest faces, she has so many different faces they are so fun to see
*Its hilarious, when we feed her the bottle, when we take it away to burp her in between (before its gone) she starts wailing and then it turns to a cry and swings her arm up and down or will head butt you. She gets very, very mad
*When I sing her songs, she will always smile during pat-a-cake. Thats her favorite one I think (although occasionally she cries or gives me looks so I don't think she likes my singing that much)
*She definitely lets you know when she has a wet or messy diaper. She will be even just a little wet and still let you know. She doesn't like to sit in it which I don't blame her.
*She always has her eyes opened so big and smiles very easily
*When she is laying down or sleeping usually both her arms are above her head
*She usually calms down and loves it when you put a soft blanket touching the side of her face
*When she smiles it goes across her whole face, you can see it in her eyes

Our life has changed for the best because of this sweet girl. I also wanted to let Nate know how grateful I am for him and the patience he has for me and for Brynlee. We are such a happy family and I couldn't possibly be happier. We can not thank the lord enough for sending her to us. Nate and I Love Brynlee so much and couldn't imagine our lives without her. Thanks so much Brynlee for putting up with us. She is the greatest blessing we have been given and I hope that someday we can get this parenting thing down. Hey... she is still alive so we must be doing at least something right :)