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Nate and I have been married for 2 and a half years now now which has gone by pretty fast! In January we were blessed to have Brynlee join our family. Nate works as a software engineer at Novell and I am so grateful for the hard worker he is and how he goes to work every day to support us. He is the best husband to me and the best dad to Brynlee and she can't get enough of him. I stay at home with Brynlee along with doing esthetics part time. And Brynlee just stays busy keeping us smiling everyday! We couldn't be a happier little family!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

4 months

Brynlee is 4 months now... crazy! We took her to her doctor appointment today and here is the update: She is 12 pounds 1 oz (16th percentile) She is 25 inches long (78th percentile) and the doctor said she is right on track with all her motor skills and such. She was so tough with her shots, she cried when they poked her then she stopped as soon as I held her. She is a very tough little girl. We have more and more fun with her each day as she learns new things and I think she is developing the CUTEST personality! She is such a smiley baby and is always happy. She really only cries if she's hungry or tired. My favorite is when I go to get her in the morning cuz she has a routine and thinks its a game(she starts out with a coo) and she is turned sideways, will be staring the sheet or bumper in the crib and when she knows i'm close by tries to look at me without me seeing then as soon as I say "Hey Brynlee," she get this little smirk on her face like she is waiting for it then I say "good morning Brynlee" and she looks right at me and gives me the biggest smile. She is SO happy when she wakes up and it makes the day start out great! how can you have a bad day when you wake up to that? Here are things she does now so we can remember.

-She LOVES to look at books. At about 3 months Nates grandma gave her a mickey mouse book and any book with pictures in it she will stare at one page, then put her eyes on the next (where the words are) and for each page makes a different facial expression. By a couple pages she is squilling so high, smiling and touches the characters with her hands. It is so cute to watch and I'm amazed by how long she will concentrate on the book for.
-She rolled over from her stomach to back at about 3 months and 1 week and will do it occasionally.
-When laying on her stomach she pushes herself up with her hands and raises her head and looks around.
-She loves to reach for objects and play with whatever she can get her hands on.
-She is drooling like crazy and puts everything in her mouth.
-She squeels really high and loves to talk. Whether its to herself, or to you she loves making noises
-She has so many different facial expressions, and smiles and talks with her eyes.
-She is so pleasant in the morning and smiles really big
-She definitely knows when her bottle is coming. If she's crying and we start shaking the formula she stops. Or when she see's it she will smile and you know she wants it.
-I'm probably a terrible mom for this one but she loves snoasis (snow cones, i put a little on the straw and feed it to her) and she loves drinking from cups and straws (we pour the water into her mouth from the straw) The first time I fed her my snoasis she grabbed my straw out of my hand and got so excited then hit my cup out of my hands trying to get it. It was so funny. I don't blame her, i'm sure those things taste so much better then formula :)
-She does this fake cough thing when she gets excited
-She sleeps all night :) 8-12 hours
-She gets so excited when her dad comes home. Whenever she spots him she gets the biggest grin on her face
-She still loves the bath and likes when I pour water from a cup on her stomach or her head. She definitely isn't afraid of water and would have her whole face in the water if we let her
-She loves lifting up her head and looking around when she's on her stomach
-She loves looking at babies, pictures of babies, and being by them
-when she cries, she makes these funny talking sounds like she is giving you a lecture or telling you how she really feels.
-She loves looking at herself in the mirror. She starts smiling, squilling, and will start to talk when she sees herself. The cutest part is she doesn't know its her (thats what they tell you) and I think she thinks it her friend or something!

As you can tell we are obsessed with her and love her so much! We are so lucky to have her apart of our family. I couldn't imagine my life without her!

Monday, May 10, 2010

2 Amazing Moms

Since yesterday was mother's day I just wanted to share how amazing my mom is and how amazing Nates mom is!

My mom- She is the most thoughtful and selfless person I know. I can ask her anything and not feel stupid, she is so easy to talk to, I always call her for advice because she knows everything! I love going up to my parents house because I love just talking to her and being around her. She seems to always be doing something for someone without them even asking. She knows when somebody needs something and is there for them. For example, I went to the doctors and found out that I have Mono. I was with her later that day and she knew we were SO behind with our house, laundry up the wall, dishes in the sink and our house was just a mess and very unorganized which was causing stress and with the build up lack of motivation on my part. She drives down to Springville, starts gathering up all our laundry and say's how about you come do it at my house since my washer is bigger. No joke, there was about 10 loads of laundry if not more. I got a few loads done (with her help) then we were going to our friends house up there and we were late so we were just going to come back to pick up the laundry. She ended up having ALL our laundry done, folded or on hangers ready in piles for us to take. She has No idea how much that ment to me. That is just one tiny little example of how amazing she is. She makes each one of us feel important and even though she still has 3 boys at home, she still finds time to show me that she cares. She shows Brynlee so much love and obviously Brynlee loves her too because whenever she see's my mom and my mom starts talking to her, she gets a huge smile on her face. Thinking of my mom makes me smile too. I hope to be like her someday!

Nates Mom- Pat is also very thoughtful and SO kind. Since the first time I met her she made me feel welcomed and important. She has raised 7 kids who are all so great. She cares so much for each of her children and I know she cares so much about them. From seeing how cute she is with all the grandkids (they all just love her!) and how she tries to make everybody happy. With a family that big I think that would be so hard but she always manages to do it. She shows so much love to Brynlee and she has only met her once. From all she does that I see and hearing Nate talk about his mom a lot and how much he loves her I know she is great. I really wished we lived closer to her and all of Nates family because they are all so amazing.

To sum it up we couldn't have asked to have 2 better moms. I know I need to let them know how much I appreciate them more and I hope I can be just as great with my kids as much as they are with us.