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Nate and I have been married for 2 and a half years now now which has gone by pretty fast! In January we were blessed to have Brynlee join our family. Nate works as a software engineer at Novell and I am so grateful for the hard worker he is and how he goes to work every day to support us. He is the best husband to me and the best dad to Brynlee and she can't get enough of him. I stay at home with Brynlee along with doing esthetics part time. And Brynlee just stays busy keeping us smiling everyday! We couldn't be a happier little family!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

9 months!

I have been a slacker with updating what Brynlee has been up to, but I figured since she just had her 9 month check up it was about time! I never know how to write these so I decided to write this how she will be the one reading about herself someday! It's pretty long but I did say I am a bit behind in updating!
She now weighs 15 pounds, 5 ounces (4th percentile) and she is 28" long (68th percentile) and we just love her more then ever! At 9 months Brynlee you:
*Sleep AMAZINGLY well at night and during the day for naps. At night, you usually sleep anywhere from 11-14 hours, and usually take 1-2 naps each being 2-3 hrs.
*You love soft blankets around your face. when your tired or sad, you get your little pink and white blanket and rub it on your face. Or you'll just bury your face in the blanket and pull it over you eyes
*When you point, you curl your index finger down so your pointing with your knuckle. You like to point at everything you see!
*You love to turn off and on light switches. Especially when I get you out of your crib, you point to the light switch to turn it on or off.
*You are a very giggly and smiley baby and you are very easy going.
*You love any food and eat as much as you can whenever you can (you've always been that way)
*You love watching your Sesame Street "kids favorite songs 2" dvd, and smile, clap and will sit and watch the whole thing (a little more then half hour I think)
*You make a big "O" face and open your mouth so wide when you see something you like
*Love going to the library and love all the little kids there. You still love to read/look at books
*You stand holding on to things
*Still just do the army crawl. You get in crawling position and go back and forth then you decide doing the army crawl is the way you perferr it.
*Love your little teddy bears and when you especially see the white one you start laughing and clap your hands. Even if your crying and so sad that always makes you happy!
*You definitely have an opinion about things and let us know when your mad at us( like when we get you dressed or take your food away) you kick your legs and mumble words like your giving us a lecture or yelling at us! You for sure have an attitude but for now I think it's cute :)
*Your best friend right now is your man Camden Olsen. You two are so cute together!
*You wave at people and clap your hands especially when we say good job brynlee, or you see something you like!
*You say da-da like crazy, and I am pretty sure you know how to say hi cuz when you sometimes see people you know you'll say it, or it sounds just like it, and you like to babble. I think today in the car you talked to yourself/the teddy bear for about 20 minutes straight.
*You just get more active and stronger everyday. I LOVE being around you, and I think we are a bit obsessed with you!
We sure do Love you Brynlee!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Georgia and Nate's surgery

So, I haven't been the best at updating but I feel like we have stayed pretty busy lately. Between our Georgia trip, Arizona and Nate's knee surgery life couldn't be more exciting :) I only have pictures from Georgia because I have been a slacker and haven't loaded any other recent ones on the computer!

Nate tore his meniscus from playing basketball so he got surgery to repair it and had to be on crutches for 6 weeks and can't run on it for about 4 months. Not to mention it was a week before Georgia so... the airport was a fun experience :) Luckily he got a wheelchair so he was able to hold Brynlee on his lap so I could get all the luggage. All I have to say is it was totally worth it. We got to skip to the front of the security line and got better seats on the flight! Finally he is off his crutches and we are hoping it healed so he doesn't have to get surgery again to get it removed. We will know in a few months. He is one tough guy though.

We ended up making it to Georgia and it was fun! I LOVED having Brynlee there, his family is great but I felt like we fit in a little better because he has tons of nieces and nephews and we had Brynlee! It was a lot of his families first time meeting Brynlee and I think she loved all the attention she got. His parents have thousands of toys and all the grand kids spread them all over their floor and she was in high heaven. Not to mention the little kids would play with her. The first few times someone stole a toy from her, she just looked at them and you can tell in her face she wasn't sure what to do but she knew she didn't like it. By the end of the week, she tried to speak her mind when a toy was stolen, but she learned to do it right back at them!
In Georgia it was her first time getting to eat pancakes, toast, and eggs, and a chocolate ice cream cone and like always... she loved it all! Nate's mom was so cute and always made sure she wasn't hungry and had food. We went to the lake a couple of times which is always a Georgia tradition, except this time Nate couldn't do much but ride the boat. It was fun and awesome weather. I think Brynlee would have been fine on the boat if it wasn't for the life jacket. She HATED it and cried the whole time she had it on! That was her first and last time on the boat! (at least on that trip. Hopefully next year she'll be better!)
We went to the Cabbage Patch doll factory and got to see all the dolls there. We also went to a Braves game which was fun cuz it was mine and Brynlee's first time and she did great! Then we just went to parks a lot and took walks which Brynlee loves both walks and swings so it was perfect! Last but not least, she was awesome on the planes and didn't cry. The only time she did was the last 20 minutes on our way back to Salt Lake. It was fun and can't wait till we get to go back!